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"Including the Excluded in Society"​​​

The founder and president of S&D, after more than four decades of dedicated service as teacher and examiner/evaluator both in Ghana and USA, is taking some time off to write and publish books on language, folklore, and culture for students in Ghana and abroad. Check below for the titles that are currently being published or distributed to the schools.


A sizeable number of candidates continuously lose precious points simply because they are unable to comply fully with some acceptable norms of English grammar.


Understanding your writing test in English: Titbits for school candidates has been primarily designed to point out some of the trouble-spots and suggest corresponding forms that academicians would like to see and read, so students of English writing at the B.E.C.E./W.A.S.S.C.E. level and beyond could arm themselves with the amount of self-confidence required to write the language.


For bulk purchases, please send orders to:



You may also call or send text messages to:

(024) 427-5175    (GHANA)


+(1) (317) 501-6969   (USA)

Remember the more you order, the greater your discount, and your consignments may be picked up at Kwabenya, Accra, or be delivered directly to your school. Sorry, but the text cannot be found in the bookstores!



Asante-Twi: Introducing an Integrated Model is primarily meant to help learners perform some basic tasks in the language, guided by repetition, role-play, and acceptable cultural practices. Learners without instructors (i.e., teach-yourself learners) can benefit greatly from Asante-Twi: Introducing an Integrated Model by directing their questions to native speakers or sending mail to the author at any time.


The author’s major aim is to guide Asante-Twi learners (especially, beginners) through a much more careful study and practice of some aspects of basic Akan.


Asante-Twi: Introducing an Integrated Model assembles a variety of established approaches, with reading, repetition, and experiential reporting as the major tasks available to learners. This constitutes a modification of the author’s Wo nso ka bi: Akan basic grammar and practice (2013) and also a follow-up to the “Let’s Speak” African Language Series introduced by the National African Language Resource Center (NALRC).


The publication adds to the resources that Beginning Akan learners require for constant practice to build and strengthen relevant interest and self-confidence. Meanwhile, the author still believes that the communicative language teaching (CLT) approach, which has been emphasized in recent times (see Tudor, 2003; Larsen-Freeman & Anderson, 2011), is unable to capture the full picture single-handedly.

Uncle Dave has revised his Tie ma mense wo: Basic vocabulary for Asante-Twi learners, and it has been published under the new title Siesie wo ho sie: Elementary Akan (Asante-Twi) vocabulary by AuthorCentrix Press. The original title is now out of print.

Please stay tuned for more titles early next year!

Meanwhile, check Uncle Dave's African Language Services International (ALSI), based in the US, at


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