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"Including the Excluded in Society"​​​




Standard Pioneers Ventures (S&D)--a network of schools, family centers, store houses, and service centers established in the communities--serves as leader in helping to:

  • include the virtually excluded individuals in society; 
  • provide the social, moral, emotional, and academic skills essential for children and adolescents to enter first-class high schools and quality universities to eventually become effective contributors to Ghana and beyond; and 
  • understand and appreciate Ghanaian languages and cultures.



Specifically, the network has the following major goals.

  • To educate people (especially, children and adolescents) to understand and appreciate Ghanaian languages and cultures, and to prepare them for further studies;
  • To provide a variety of welfare services to selected Ghanaian communities;
  • To help reduce the number of school drop-outs and the unemployed in Ghana; and
  • To empower the literally excluded persons in our great nation.

We hope to achieve these goals by establishing and effectively running units including mentoring centers, school buildings, test facilitation centers, activity halls, family centers (including student hostel facilities), and service stations. The proceeds from these efforts eventually go to provide ready assistance to neglected children, needy orphans, and widows by way of guided advocacy, education, planned scholarships, and grants (via Winners League International [WiLI]). Above all, we make sure no dream is aborted.


*Check our President's other language-based project, called African Language Services International (ALSI Group) at

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